Now Hear This: Canby

Episode 203: Mama Didn’t Raise No Dumme

September 6, 2020

News and More: Tolling is coming to I-205 — and no one is happy about it. Canby's new drive-in is officially open, and even E.T. is ... over the moon. Playgrounds in Canby are open! (Sort of.) A Canby boy takes to the skies. 

Canby Conversation: Today, we head out into the country for a visit to the Dumme Kuh Farmstead in Molalla, where we learn about permaculture farming — and stress test our new camera lens against the beak of a young emu.

After the Break: Now Hear This: Canby travels to the state capital for a Canby reunion, as CHS grad Matt Nelson shares the scoop on Gumbo YaYa, the food truck serving delicious, authentic Creole food at The Yard in Salem. 

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