Now Hear This: Canby

Episode 180: Wraith of Sunshine

June 17, 2020

News and More: The death toll at Marquis Hope Village has risen to seven, while a flood of support has come in for residents and staff. Oregon City is mulling its options for how to deal with its own mayor, whose recent comments and behavior have sparked a recall effort and angered his fellow commissioners.

Canby Conversation: Meet Mitchell Underwood, Canby's homegrown comic creator, a published comic book author and illustrator at only 20 years old. A lifelong Batman fan, he specializes in dark, gritty stories where the entire deck seems stacked against the protagonist. Here in 2020, we just call that "the news."

After the Break: On Canby Then, the incredible story of "Big Jim" Baker, the larger-than-life frontiersman, trapper, hunter, fur trader, farmer, explorer, army scout, interpreter, soldier, rancher and mountain man who may have had as many as 20 wives, and whom the town of Canby was almost named after.

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